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The first Chobit created

Chobits are legendary custom-made persocom that have true emotions and intelligence. The series implies that they also have a high level of self awareness. In the beginning of the series, they were believed to be just a urban legend. Yoshiyuki Kojima was absolutely obsessed with finding a chobit, perhaps more than anyone else.

Creation and History[]

They were created by Icchan Mihara (Icharo Mihara), Chitose Hibiya's late husband, originally to be a child for her as she was infertile. Freya was the first chobit created and Chi was the second.


  • At the end of the manga, Freya confirms that Chii and herself are indeed the legendary Chobits, but says, unlike the Chobits of legend, they are not truly sentient, nor do they possess emotions, but rather, they rely on the execution of software routines just like every other Persocom. In the anime, just the opposite happens. Not only are the Chobits capable of true intelligence & emotions, but Chii also has a special program that upgrades every Persocom so they too can feel emotions as well. Also, when Chii regains control of her body from Freya, she appears to cry, an unusual trait for a robot.