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Custom Made Laptop Persocom (A.K.A. "Pocket Persocoms")


YoshiYuki Kojima

Kotoko is a laptop persocom like Sumomo; but, as she told Chii, she is "Desktop Powerful".

She was custom-built by Yoshiyiki. (Dragonfly)


Kotoko in the Anime


Kotoko is 16 centimeters tall with purple hair in two pigtails. Instead of normal persocom ears, she has two bells used as hairties. She wears a white kimono with a big red bow in the middle.


Kotoko comes across as an emotionless character, but she can actually have a short temper and becomes very outspoken. She and Sumomo even each other out with Kotoko's calmness and Sumomo's craziness.


Kotoko; Showing her Annoyance

Role in the Series[]

Kotoko originally belonged to Yoshiyuki, but following Chi's kidnapping, Hideki and Shinbo force Yoshiyuki to transfer ownership of Kotoko to Hideki so that her memories of Yoshiyuki kidnapping Chi cannot be erased. Kotoko is far more serious than Sumomo, and thinks that everyone in the Motosuwa household is crazy, Sumomo in particular. Kotoko's speciality is research, which twice drives the story forward. Kotoko is also programmed to always tell the truth, no matter what, even when it works to her owner's disadvantage. She is serious and cynical, except when researching something, to the point of being tsundere.


Kotoko and Sumomo

After meeting Chii, Kotoko came to the conclusion that she was insane and clueless. She showed her inteligence by plugging herself into the computer and revealing her name, also claiming her master "kidnapped" Chii, much to Yoshiyuki's dismay. Kotoko cannot tell a lie because of her programming, even if it is unfavorable to her master.

Each time Chii came under the influence of Freya, Kotoko, like other persocoms, claim they can hear a "familiar voice" speaking to them. It was never clear who this was, but it is implied to be either Freya or Ichiro. These instances reveal her observervations and facination with Chii.

At the end of the series. it is unclear what happens to her; but it is implied she remained in Motosuwa's ownership.