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Persocoms, short for Personal Computers, are robots that hold human features. In most cases, they can be easily told apart from humans by their animal-like ears.

General details[]

Persocoms are extremely advanced robots, acting not only as the stereotypical robot maids/assistants but also full fledged replacements of modern Personal Computers, being able to handle tasks such a web browsing & Email as well. External peripherals, such as keyboards, mice & monitors can be connected to them via hidden ports within their ears.


As Chobits shares the same universe as Clamp's earlier title, Angelic Layer, it is heavily implied that Persocoms descended from Icchan's (the late husband of Chitose) earlier project, Angels. Angels are small, doll-like battle drones that fight against each other in a popular arena game/sport he created called Angelic Layer.

Unlike Persocoms however, Angels lack an automated AI and require a "Deus" (player) to control it via a helmet that reads the wearer's brain waves. In many respects, they weren't very different from remote control cars.


Chobits are more advanced persocoms, said to have true emotions and intelligence. They are also implied to have some form of self awareness. The only known ones are Elda and Freya.

List of Chobits

Other persocoms[]


  • It is unknown what happened to Angels after the introduction of Persocoms, or if the Angelic Layer sport is even still played.
  • Despite being originaly invented by Icchan, Shinbo at one point mentions there are multiple manufacturers of Persocoms. This could imply that Icchan, or more accurately his superiors, created a marketing design similar to Microsoft in which they license their technologies to other companies. It is also possible that these other companies simply created their own competing Persocom technologies instead of licensing someone else's, similar to Apple & Commodore.
  • Persocoms seem to be heavily inspired by computers from the late-90s to early-2000s era, particularly Apple's iMac G3 and it's original OS, Mac OS 8 & 9.