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Laptop Persocom (A.K.A. "Pocket Persocom")

Current Owner:

Hideki Motosuwa



Sumomo is a bright and hyperactive laptop computer persocom. She belongs to Shinbo during the first half of the series, and eventually comes under the ownership of Hideki.


Sumomo has pink hair tied in a ponytail and dresses like a genie in maroon with light pink pants and a darker pink sash. She carries a tamborine with her and is 16 centimeters tall.

Hyper Sumomo



Sumomo is very hyperactive with a very optimistic attitude. She is very naive sometimes and loves learning new things. Upon meeting Hideki, she came to the conclusion that he is crazy, thus dubbing him as "Scary Master" or "Master's Scary Friend." Sumomo is also programmed to give wake-up calls and morning exercises which she calls the "Wakey-Wakey" exercises.


Sumomo Gives Exercises

Role in the Series[]

Wearing an outfit that makes her resemble a genie, she is programmed to be cute and tends to be quite hyperactive, for example leading Hideki in wake-up exercises each morning and dancing when she is in standby mode. Shinbo was the original owner of Sumomo, but left her with Hideki after leaving with Takako. He later transfers Sumomo's registration to Hideki, giving him permanent ownership. At the beginning of the series, Shinbo uses Sumomo in an attempt to analyze Chi, and Sumomo is nearly broken in the process, requiring new main memory, and in the manga, a new video card as well. Once Kotoko joined Hideki, she quickly came to the conclusion that Sumomo was mad, with her nonsensical ways.

Sumomo is an important secondary role because she is used as communication between Hideki and Minoru. When she is working, Sumomo becomes more serious to achieve her mission or objective. When not being used, Sumomo usually hangs out with Kotoko and annoys her, and acts as company for Chii. In the Anime, she is used to help Chii purchase a pair of panties, which fails miserably!


Sumomo Helping Chii Purchase Panties