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Dragonfly (English Anime)





Yoshiyuki Kojima, "Dragonfly", is a programmer, researcher and collector of custom persocoms. He made his first appearance in Chobits Volume 5 when he kidnapped Chii in order to research her. He is also the creator of Kotoko.


Yoshiyuki can come across as a very narcissistic person. He is proud of himself because of his talent and sees himself as a genius. Sometimes, however, this only brings him bad luck.

Role in the Series[]

When Yoshiyuki first appears, he had admittedly kidnapped Chii and brought her back to his home. He is dubbed "Dragonfly" on a Persocom Talk Page and that is how he learned about her from Minoru's post. Yoshiyuki sees Chii as "Special" with the assumption that she could be a Chobit as he tries to access her. Despite his attempts, Yoshiyuki is unable to access her. Realizing she really is special, he tries to touch Chii "inside of her", causing Freya to intervene and claim only "Someone Just For Me" can come inside of her. After Hideki finds Chii and she returns to normal, Yoshiyuki is forced to hand over Kotoko.


Yoshiyuki with Chii in the Anime

Yoshiyuki only made a few other appearances near the end of the series when Minoru asked him to help research Chii more. Hideki was concerned about this, but Yoshiyuki was even more concerned how a powerful persocom ended up in HIS hands; a boy with absolutely no knowledge of persocoms. This time, he made no attempts in taking Chii again since Kotoko has his confession saved.