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Minoru Kokubunji


About 2-yrs-old

Yuzuki is a persocom created by Minoru Kokubunji roughly two years before the start of the series.


Yuzuki is a custom-built persocom created by Minoru. She is very tall with long braids and blue hair. Her main outfit is a maid's uniform and at times outdoor civilian clothing. She is considered as a beautiful young woman.


Yuzuki as she Appears in the Anime

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M's older sister on the right


Yuzuki is a very kind model with many enhancing qualities and talents. She cares deeply for Minoru, her creator, and tries very hard to make him smile. Hideki notices how important she is to Minoru because she was the closest thing he had to his deceased sister. Yuzuki tries very hard to be as good of a replacement as possible, and becomes sad when she feels she has failed.


Yuzuki worried for Minoru

Role in the Series[]

Yuzuki was created to resemble, physically and mentally, Minoru's late sister, Kaede, who had died from an illness two years earlier. Yuzuki is programmed with all of the data that Minoru could remember about his sister; what she liked, what she disliked, as well as her habits and behaviors. However, Minoru still realizes that no matter how realistic she may be, she is still only a persocom that is following her programming. Yuzuki also possesses an awareness of her own limitations. Toward the end of the anime and manga, Yuzuki loses a large portion of Kaede's personality data as a result of trying to hack into Zima and being counter-hacked by Dita. However, Minoru declines to reenter this data, because he has grown to love Yuzuki for who she is; because she is Yuzuki, rather than because she is a replacement for his sister.

Yuzuki is shown to have good interaction with other persocoms around her. She is very sweet to Chii when they first met and even helps her learn along the way. To Yuzuki's surprise, Chii even helps her discover her true feelings for Minoru and thanks her for it.

It is shown in the manga that Yuzuki can also be very insecure. She always worries that she is not perfect enough for Minoru, just like how Yumi feels she cannot compare to a persocom.