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Zima (ジーマ Jīma?) is one of two government persocoms who are looking for Chi and is the Japanese government's national data bank which all persocoms are connected to. During the course of the series an attempt is made by Yuzuki to hack into him to gain information concerning Chi. In the anime, Zima remarks that he and Dita were created from the same basic system architecture that Chi is, rendering them immune to her ability to immobilize persocoms. This does not appear to be the case in the manga.

Zima and Dita have been assigned to prevent Chi from executing her final program, as it is believed that the program would destroy the person-recognition abilities of all persocoms and that it will execute when Chi finds the "person just for her". Zima, however, believes that this may not necessarily be true, and genuinely wants Chi to find happiness. He believes that if Chi can find her own happy ending, he can have happiness with Dita. He loves Dita but she doesn't understand this because she thinks that persocoms are unable to have anything considered to be true feelings. He lies to Dita about Chi's whereabouts and stalls as long as possible before finally going to stop her. However, upon arriving Zima physically restrains Dita from attacking Chi.

In the anime, Zima is referred to as "The King of Persocoms".